About Us

3 Seeds International was created by Paul, who wanted to fulfill the need to source the purest, most natural and organic health and wellbeing products for his family and friends that did not compromise their health. The journey to finding a way to a healthier lifestyle began in 2011, when Paul became concerned the health of his mother and father. The mission to search out healthy and natural alternatives led him to find out the upsetting facts about the products his family and friends were using. Paul discovered toxins and deadly chemicals that were in most of the food we eat and more distressing the everyday products we use, on the biggest organ of the body - the skin.

The need for greater awareness and education into what is going into our body was the beginning foundations of 3 Seeds Health & Wellbeing. All the products stocked are Natural and Organic and definitely NON TOXIC to your health. All products must meet a certain criteria before given the green light of approval. Being passionate about life and animals only stocks products that are CRUELTY FREE.

3 Seeds Health and Wellbeing aims to continue to source Natural and Organic, toxic free products that are also Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Vegan. His search continues ...

Love Life!